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pinaplwtchs is a blog chatting about watches, really anything we like. Whether it’s vintage, modern, or somewhere in between, we write it as we see it.

A curation of opinions uniquely our own.

I noticed that in the watch world, there wasn’t really a down to earth, entertaining blog about collecting. Pinaplwtchs is really just me, following my journey as a collector, documenting experiences, friends, and stuff I learn.

Sure, there’s a few podcasts, newsletters, and youtubers out there, but these guys are either talking about boring auctions, watches nobody can afford, or they’re just dealers looking to make money. Now we know most of this hobby is spent chatting with strangers on the internet, and that can get kinda boring. Instead, we look to foster a community of our own, one that’s entertaining and never too serious.

We stand for originality, authenticity, and independence - writing out of pure passion and keeping it genuine.

We were born after a few drinks, and unparalleled confidence that we could do it our way. We never take ourselves too seriously, and even if we leave the slightest impact on our culture, we’ll call it a job well done.

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JH - I Started This Thing!

From one enthusiast to another, we hope you'll join us on this journey. To us, our subscribers aren’t nameless individuals hiding behind an email address, but people who share in our common passion. Don’t be a stranger, our purpose is to engage, understand, and enhance this culture.

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J. Heffner

"To be interesting, you must be interested"